THE DOCS4D HEART Physiology App

We try to create the next level in the medical education..

Discover next to the anatomy, the pathophysiology of the heart as different treatment options in the complex cardiac medicine. 

Support our ongoing project to develop a unique App. 

Just check the App and give us your feedback!!!

You can test the WebGL Version. Please try it to a Firefox or Chrome Browser for better results. Give us your feedback. Project is in progress.

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-Cuts: Available separately; The model can be cut in any plane

• Polygons : 33695H/9092V/196481A/66110R; GES 128545; perfekten Polygonen kein Tris

• 3D Printable: Yes

• Textures/UV: Yes

• Grouping: Yes

• Animated (beating): Available

• Each individual 3D element can be controlled

• Movements can be assigned to each intersection point

• Physical properties can be assigned to each intersection point

• All anatomical details can be modified with the appropriate functionality

• Any pathologies can be represented

• Implants and their functionality can be represented in detail 

• 100% control into any animation modification

• A camera can be installed at any viewing angle

• In the model, "camera movements" are possible from any position and in any direction

  • Anatomically correct representation
  • Shape and form
  • Vascular connections
  • Transitional structures
  •  Atria and ventricles
  • Valvular apparatus
  • Coronary vessels
  • Intracardial structures:
  •  Anatomically correct
  • Detailed
  • Functionally correct
  • Interacting
  •  Modifiable
  •   Accurate
  •  Realistic

• Detailed representation in high resolution

• Aesthetic representation

• Photorealistic after photographie of real heart surgeries

• Each layer was painted individually and processed in Substance Painter ; 4K resolution

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